Pre-Operative Instructions


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    Do Not Eat/Drink/Smoke Starting From Midnight Before Your Surgery

    When undergoing dental surgery with general anesthesia or IV sedation, it is crucial to refrain from eating, drinking any fluids (even water), and smoking starting from midnight before your scheduled appointment. You may take any necessary medicine with a small sip of water. This precaution ensures that your stomach remains empty during the procedure to minimize the risk of complications such as aspiration.

    Notify Us of Any Signs of a Head or Chest Cold

    It is essential not to disregard any signs of a head or chest cold when preparing for oral surgery. Such symptoms can increase the risk of respiratory issues during the procedure. Therefore, if you experience any cold-related symptoms leading up to your appointment date, promptly notify our office so we can evaluate whether rescheduling is required for your safety.

    Inform Us 24 Hours in Advance if You Need Appointment Cancellation

    Our team has dedicated specific time slots specifically for each patient's dental surgery needs. Kindly provide us with at least 24 hours advance notice in case circumstances arise where you are unable to make it to your appointment.

    Do Not Wear Your Contact Lenses

    To ensure the safety and comfort of your surgery, it is advisable to remove your contact lenses before coming in for dental surgery. This will prevent any potential complications that may arise during the surgery. Instead, wearing your regular glasses is recommended.

    Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

    Prior to undergoing dental surgery, it is crucial to thoroughly clean your mouth and teeth. This practice helps minimize the risk of infection and ensures a healthier surgical environment overall. Therefore, remember to brush and rinse properly before arriving at our facility.

    Leave Jewelry at Home

    For safety purposes during dental surgeries, all jewelry should be removed. By leaving your precious accessories at home, we eliminate any potential hazards that might occur during treatment.

    Wear Short Sleeves or Loose Clothing

    To facilitate various medical procedures such as monitoring blood pressure levels, starting an IV line smoothly, or placing a cardiac monitor easily, we kindly request patients to wear short-sleeved tops or loose-fitting clothing for their convenience while maintaining optimal medical care standards throughout their visit with us.

    Please Do Not Wear Makeup or Nail Polish

    Wearing makeup or fingernail polish can introduce unwanted bacteria, chemicals, or particles into the surgical area, which may increase the risk of infections or complications during and after the procedure.

    Drivers Must Stay Back During the Surgical Procedure

    We understand that having someone accompany you to your dental surgery provides comfort and support. However, it is essential for all drivers to remain at our facility during this time. This policy ensures that we have immediate access to any individual who might be needed for assistance or consultation during your surgery. 

    Have a Guardian During Dental Surgery if You Are a Minor

    For patients who are minors or unable to make independent medical decisions, we require either their parent/legal guardian or appointed power of attorney to be present during their dental surgery. This ensures that essential decisions can be made swiftly and accurately based on what is best for the patient's well-being. The presence of a responsible adult also provides comfort and reassurance both before and after the procedure.

    Do Not Drive or Operate Any Kind of Machinery for at Least 24 Hours

    Patient safety is our utmost priority, and driving or operating machinery immediately after surgery can pose significant risks due to the possible side effects of anesthesia or medication. It is crucial to allow your body enough time to recover and regain full consciousness before engaging in activities that demand alertness and coordination.

    Notice for Women Taking Birth Control Medications

    It's important to note that certain antibiotics can interfere with the effectiveness of birth control medications, potentially increasing the risk of unintended pregnancy. This precautionary advice helps ensure you make informed decisions and take appropriate measures if necessary. 

    Also, it is essential for us to be aware of any potential pregnancy concerns. Some dental procedures might carry additional considerations when it comes to expectant mothers, as they need special precautions and modifications in treatment plans. By notifying us about possible pregnancy, we can ensure your well-being by adjusting our approach accordingly.

    No Cell Phones or Recording Devices

    To maintain privacy, confidentiality, and respect for all patients within our office premises, we strictly prohibit the use of cell phones or recording devices while visiting our facility.


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