Pre-Operative Instructions

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  1. If you are having a General Anesthetic or IV Sedation, please DO NOT eat, drink (this includes water), or smoke after midnight prior to your appointment time, unless otherwise indicated. (necessary medicine may be taken with a small sip of water)
  1. Do not ignore a head or chest cold when having oral surgery. Call immediately if you have any symptoms, as a change of appointment will probably be necessary. We have reserved this time for you, so please give us 24 hours notice if you cannot keep your appointment.
  1. If you wear contact lenses,  whether soft or hard, please remove them. It is a good idea to wear your conventional glasses on the day of your surgery.
  1. Your mouth and teeth should be well cleaned before your surgery to help avoid infection. Please brush and rinse thoroughly before your surgery.
  1. Remove all jewelry PRIOR to surgery and leave it at home.
  2. Wear short sleeves or loose clothing as this will make taking your blood pressure, starting an IV, and placing a cardiac monitor easier.
  1. Please DO NOT wear makeup or fingernail polish on surgery date.
  2. All drivers must stay in the office during the surgical procedure.
  3. If the patient is a minor or incapable of making medical decisions, a parent/legal guardian or power of attorney must accompany the patient the day of surgery.
  1. You should not drive or operate any kind of machinery for at least 24 hours following surgery or while taking prescription medication.
  1. Women: be advised that antibiotics may inactivate birth control medications. Please advise us if there is a chance you may be pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant.

No Cell Phones or Recording Devices While in The Office.