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We are extremely angry about how our daughter's procedure was handled. It was traumatizing for all of us. It has been days and we are still struggling to deal with our emotions. We spent 2 weeks preparing our anxious child for the visit, attempting to decrease her anxiety by explaining to her what would happen, making plans for her to squeeze our hand if she was scared. You demolished all of that work in seconds with your last minute declaration that we had to leave the room. And before you say its policy or federal law, know that no one told us that ahead of time. Our problem is not the policy, but how it was implemented. You need to revisit how you prepare patients and patents for procedures. Had we known the policy, we would have prepared our daughter differently. Being told to leave so abruptly without an opportunity to say goodbye was traumatizing for all of us. You put us in a position of having to walk out on our screaming child. Imagine yourself as an 8 year old child, believing your parents will be there to help you when you are scared and then in a flash your parents are gone and you are surrounded by strangers. Dr Pike was not interested in answering any of our questions or offering information for reassurance. He showed no compassion. There was one staff member who did attempt to ease our fears and we appreciate her effort. I hope this review isn't just dismissed as the ramblings of an over reacting parent but instead used in some way to make changes in how you treat your patients so that no one else will ever have to go through what we went through.

- Melanie R

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